Getting Vaccinations in Panama

David and I are going to India and Nepal in March to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We will be leaving from JFK, but all required paperwork and health documentation needs to be completed in Panama.  Several weeks ago we went to Panama City and visited the India Embassy.  Easy peasy – we dropped off our passports and application.  Five working days later our driver, Eric, retrieved our passports and sent them to Boquete with Uno Express.

Because our origination country is Panama, India requires a Yellow Fever shot.  It is also recommended that we get Hepatitis A as well.  Today we went to the Salud Minister in David.  Once you have the directions, the building is not hard to find.  What’s funny, is the building you have to go to for shots is directly in front of the Chiriquí Morgue.  saludmorgue

They tried to tell us that people our age (old) don’t need the the Yellow Fever shot anymore.  After talking to others within the agency, it was verified that, regardless of age, all travelers from Panama to India are required to show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

saludBack to the caja (cashier) to pay for the shots before getting them.  David and I have had these shots before.  About ten years ago we made appointments at the Broward Department of Health and paid hundred of dollars each to get these vaccinations to go to Africa.

saludbillThe payment today for the same vaccinations?  Five dollars.  That was $5.  Five dollars each for yellow fever.  The Hepatitis A booster was free.  We did not have to make appointments.  We walked in and got treated.  In 15 minutes we were back in the parking lot with health verification cards in hand. salud2

When a country is concerned about public health, it makes it affordable for everyone to get health care.





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3 thoughts on “Getting Vaccinations in Panama

    • If I remember correctly. From El Rey, go south on the road between the new Super 99 ad Super Baru. Stay on this street until the stop sign and turn left. You should see it ahead. It’s a large building. The place to get shots is in the back, go counter clockwise and its across fro the morgue. hope this is right.

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