My 100th Post

P1010606WOW! I can’t believe I have been at this since February 17, 2012.  So much has happened.  I began when we thought we may want to retire in Panama.  Now we are established in the Boquete community.

When I wrote my first article two years ago, we had only visited Panama one time and were planning our second short visit and our third longer visit to see if we really wanted to relocate to Panama.  Looking back now, it’s easy to see that we were already hooked after our first visit.  And now we have lived here permanently for 9 months.

I started this blog first for myself to keep track of things that were going to be moving quickly.  Once we decided to move, it was for my family and friends.  Since then, I am constantly amazed at the hundreds of people who read it.  I’ve met a few when they came to Boquete on their own exploratory trip.

Boy, have our lives have changed in the last 2 years.  We retired.  We sold almost everything we own.  We moved away from family and friends.  We gave up politics.    We are busier than when we were employed.  We travel.  Life is good!

Some of my family have visited.  My mom came in August and my daughter came in December.  Both were short visits.  We have been back to Florida only once and that was to retrieve some personal items from storage.  We are planning two visits in the next few months as part of some longer trips.  We have a new nieta, granddaughter, who lives in Seattle so that is another trip to the States that we are planning.

After all the nervousness of selling, packing, moving, finding a rental, relocating our pets, and the million other things involved in coming to Boquete – we are pretty settled.  As I look back on things I wrote, we were really busy.    At the time, it seems surreal.  Getting rid of things that I had owned.   Things I treasured so much I moved across the country a few times as we relocated.  Those same treasures were either given away, sold or tossed in the trash.

Boquete is everything we hoped for.  Is it perfect?  Well, right now we have no water because the landlady cleaned the tanks and they aren’t filled yet.  The trade-off is that we literally saw the end of a rainbow.  It was no more than 200 feet away.  Yes, we were at the end of a rainbow.  That’s a pretty good trade-off.

As I read my first blog, I see also that I planned to be fairly fluent in Spanish before we moved.  That didn’t happen.  But I do pretty well.  I can do the daily things, order meals, talk to the cleaning lady, order things from the Do It Center or the deli counter, make small talk with our neighbors, but I am no where near fluent.  It will happen though.

I also noticed that I really did a lot of homework before we moved.  I researched, I read EVERY blog, we visited numerous areas in Panama, I joined/lurked Boquete.ning, I signed up for BoqueteNews, I must have asked people a thousand questions.  But my crazy behavior paid off. We have a great rental house.  We have great friends.  We have had great experiences and every day is beautiful.  Life is good!


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10 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. I just tossed a few things out today. And Ray took another car load to Goodwill. I was thinking of having my co-workers “shop” around my house, but now that the house has sold, I just want it gone or for Ray to not feel so stressed when he sees it all haha!

    • My biggest “weird” moment was when I threw away my high school yearbooks. I never looked at them in 40+ years but it was the turning point of getting rid of more stuff. You will be here in no time

  2. So happy for U!! Sounds like you are in one of those Purrfect Places:) We are living in Costa Rica and are coming to Boquete in March to explore the area for our next possible adventure. Thanks for sharing, any pros or cons about the area we would love to hear!

  3. Can you tell me how you found your house….real estate person? on-line? I am needing information on areas to move to and expenses.
    I really like reading your blog….loved “don’t let your children grow up to be teachers”:; I am also getting ready to retire from that wonderful profession after 40 years.
    I will keep reading about your adventures in Boquete.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • It seems that the best rentals are obtained by word of mouth. That’s how I got this one, with a lot of luck. There’s 2 houses coming available and they are already called for. We came in March to get a rental for June. Rentals are so tight now that we began the lease April 1 even though we didn’t move until the middle of June. There are some OK rentals that would be a good base for 1-2 months while you look for something permanent. Be aware that the winter months are very tough with all the northerners escaping the snow. You don’t want to be looking for a new rental in January. Most snowbirds are gone after Easter. Advertise what you want on You can get some decent referrals there. I am already looking for something for June for another Floridian who is coming.

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