Our Own B&B

One of the very first things we did when we came (not moved) to Boquete three years ago was to join the BCP, Boquete Community Players.  Through the hard work of expats who came before us, Boquete has its own community theater.  The building is used for many activities, from yoga to the Tuesday market.  Recently, the BCP got new ‘management’ and improvements are happening quickly.  The parking lot and entrance are being refurbished and the building is being painted.

Joining the BCP means giving them $10 and getting a membership card.  But we wanted to become active members.  As soon as we moved here, we jumped in.  We played in short parts in the Cabaret show last fall and the Comedy show the previous summer.  Now, this season’s plays have been announced and practice has started for the first show, Sex Please, We’re Sixty.  Paul and Hope are the artistic directors and have many years of experience bringing theater to small communities.

We won’t be in Panama for the actual performance but built the set for this play.  David took a Stagecraft class before we moved in anticipation of doing this. Thank you Lori Sessions!!!   Since this is our first experience building a set, we aren’t sure if this is considered elaborate, but is seems like it.

The play is set in an older woman’s B&B.  That means the set must have bedroom doors and two garden doors.  It also needs two additional exits, a registration desk and a buffet.  I thought it would look like a feminine B&B if it had rose and white stripes with chair rail.  Yikes!  Then the walls needed something on them to make it homey.

constructionWe started from scratch – plywood, 2x4s and some paint.  Then we needed hinges, knobs, tape and a million other items requiring trips to the DoIt Center and Novey in David.  David made thirteen flats.  Flats are 48 inch wide panels that become door framewalls and doors.  Once the individual flats are constructed, they have to be joined together and painted.  Problem areas – 1. making the doors close properly 2. hiding all the wires showing on the ceiling of our little theater 3. matching all those pink and white stripes and 4. fitting 7 entrances on our little stage.

patio doors

As of last Thursday, the set is complete.  Mrs. Stancliff’s Rose Garden B&B has 3 bedrooms, 2 gardens entrances, a lobby entrance and a kitchen entrance.  We also made or converted a reservation desk and a buffet for drinks.

Additional furniture was brought in and accessories are in place.  We were lucky enough to get artwork by the famous Robyn Cole for the reception area.


stripes, stripes, stripes

stripes, stripes, stripes, stripes

We will be traveling so we won’t see the show.  We have seen a lot of the rehearsals with Bud the Stud, Henry, Victoria and the others.  If you’re in Boquete, I hope you have the opportunity see the show.

door frame 2

Door Frame

reception 3



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