Everything Sells in Boquete

Today I volunteered to work at Boquete’s largest charity fundraiser, Bid4Boquete.  Last year they raised over $87,000, giving it away to deserving organizations around town.  This weekend was the culmination of thousands of hours of hard work on the part of the Three Jefes and many, many volunteers. Last night was the wine tasting and auction.  They ended up selling four African Safaris that I advertised.  That alone raised $6500 for B4B.  Today was the patio sale.  This was my second patio sale, and both amazed me at what was being sold. Chiriquí Province, where we live, is about 6 hours drive from Panama City where major stores can be found.  It is hard/impossible to find quality household goods near us.  Expats bring the good stuff when we move from the US or Canada.  Linens, clothing and kitchenware are highly sought items.  Many people give their used items to B4B when they move or when they replace old items.  They end up with warehouses of stuff to sell.  Old telephones, plumbing supplies, clothing, Tupperware, you name it. The first time I worked a patio sale, I was shocked at the high prices.  But the stuff sold.  Again, there’s no Bed, Bath & Beyond, no Ikea, no Sears.  So used items are still quality goods and sell for prices that would shock the average garage sale shopper. But some of the stuff for sale is just crazy.  I’ve seen a half bottle of Listerine for $3.  Jean nateElectronics with many missing parts.  Today I took pictures of a few stunners. video Believe it or not, odder things advertised by private individuals. ******************************************************************************************** living in Panama ************************************************ Blog Expat: living abroad ************************************************ expatblogLink to Expat Blog ************************************************* PFR-Logo-with-stamp-5Link To PanamaForReal.com ************************************************ Link to The Best Places on Earth to Retire ************************************************ expat exchange  Link to Expat Exchange


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