It’s Raining, it’s Pouring….

Finally rainy season has arrived!!!!  Most people aren’t happy when they hear “cloudy skies with a 90% chance of rain” but the people of Boquete are thrilled.

Rainy season means a few things.  First, it means the windy season is over.  When people talk about “eternal spring” of Boquete, they never mention the 2-3 months of wind.  Not a gentle spring breeze.  We are talking howling, never ending, 40-45 mph wind that blows day and night. tree Fence and roof panels clang and trees get a new shape.  It blows dust into houses, blows over trees, dries out every living thing.  It does not rain during windy season.  The dry wind comes over the mountains from the north.  Dry air that saps every bit of moisture from everything.  People set fire to their lots to clear brush since everything is so dry.  People lose water in their homes if they don’t have sufficient reservoir tanks.  Usually windy season ends in early March.  This year it went through April.  When the first rain drops finally appeared this year, people cheered.

rainbowRainy season also mean barjareque,  a mist that allows us to have the most beautiful rainbows on the planet.

Now that it’s rainy season, we make sure we have our rain jackets, umbrellas and rain boots handy.  You need many of these things – for your purse, your car and your house – because you never know when it will begin pouring.

Rainy season turns everything green almost overnight.  Because of the great soil here,P1010601 a little bit of rain allows grass to grow so fast you can almost see it.  The reservoirs get filled, dust disappears and schedules are adjusted.  Rain generally appears first in the early afternoon.  So people get all their errands done early.  During the afternoon rain, we relax or have a leisurely lunch.  By late afternoon, the rain has stopped and people are gathering for dinner, drinks, games or whatever.

Do people complain about the rain?  Not in May and usually not in June, July, August or September.  But as the amount of rain increases and the hours it rains increases through the season, by October and November, people are tired of the rain.  By then, it rains almost all day and night.  But right now, people love the rain!


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