And the Show Goes on…

Friday was opening night.  Saturday we had a matinee and an evening show.  Today we have another matinee and then we break down the set so the stage is completely bare.  The show is Cabaret II.  For a small farming town, we have an awful lot of local talent.

Most people aren’t aware of the work that goes into making entertainment happen on the stage.  I certainly had no idea since, as a patron, you just pick a seat, buy a ticket and clap when things are good.  Standing ovation at the end of a great show and then go home.

Actual productions take months.  The set itself takes weeks – or longer if it is very intricate,  Plays are chosen months in advance and then parts must be cast.  In a perfect world, everyone who tries out and reads for parts has a chance to participate.  Things get more hostile when parts are guaranteed before the play is even announced.

Even rehearsal isn’t as easy as it seems.  The director tells the actors where to stand, how to move, the emotions that should be portrayed, how to enter and exit, and a thousand other things.  Actors must learn volumes of lines.  Props must be in place and the backstage crew needs to know when everyone needs to appear and theplay props they need.  Costumes not only need to reflect the character, but change the actor’s appearance.  Wigs, make up, clothing and movements make it happen.  Ann and Beth, both makeup artists,  work continuously to remake characters and to keep actors looking fresh.  Clothing changes must be quick with several people changing and getting new make up at once.

At the end of the play, all the members of the cast and crew come out for a bow.  Everyone has a smile.  Because with all the work, demands and chaos – it is so much fun.  Getting laughs and applause from the audience makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Ana Elisa and Bob ApplegateTwo local artists appear on our stage.  Ana Elisa Miranda (shown left with Bob Applegate) is only 16 but has won vocal contests because of her beautiful voice.  Edgar Vargas (right) isEdgar Vargas a well known guitarist and is currently a finalist for Panama’s best guitarist,  In US terms, that would be like having the winner of American Idol and America’s Got Talent on the same stage.  Yes, they are that talented.  Edgar plays with the Bathtub Gin Band, including Rhody Edwards, Francisco Serraccin and Bob Applegate (pictured above)

The expats are pretty talented too even though they haven’t gotten national recognition – yet.  The Saggy Bottom Boys are always a hit.  They come from their “tour of western Kentucky” to entertain.  My husband is one of the trio.   We played  in a skit aboplay saggy bottomut a date gone bad and the Joke Wallmisunderstandings between men and women   We also got a chance to deliver some jokes from the Laugh-In wall we made.


Other acts included singing, dancing and spoofs.  Brandy, Patti and Michelle were three of the Free Range Singers who had a great song about gossip.

play free rangeplay brandyplay shoop shoop Talented Lyle and Patricia performed Shoop Shoop, he in drag.




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