Twelve years ago my husband had Stage 3 Non-Hogkins Lymphoma.  There was a good probability that he would not live.  He went through horrible chemotherapy for months.  My 6 foot tall husband weighed less than 145 pounds and could barely walk from the living room to the kitchen.  Obviously he lost all his hair.  He looked more like a grandfather than a recent Lt. Commander in the Navy.

Our oncologist gave him a cocktail every three weeks that would ravage his already fragile body.  I would frequently check that he was still breathing he was so sick.  In the last few months of treatment, his blood count went dangerously low and he needed several transfusions.  Because he was so sick, the doctors wanted people we knew to donate.  We were lucky that we had some wonderful friends who had the same blood type and donated pints and pints of blood.

THAT BLOOD SAVED DAVID’S LIFE.  If you see him now, you would never know he had been sick.

There have been many calls for blood donation in David.  There are many requirements that make many of us ineligible.  But there are also many young and healthy people in Chiriquí that can save many lives.  High school kids are eligible.  One pint of blood can help four children.  If you have a rare blood type, you are even more needed.

If you are under 62 (65 at one hospital) and healthy, I urge you to donate.  Five generous people saved David’s life and I can never repay them.  With just a little time, you too can save a life.

It’s a simple process for you that means the world to others.  Email  If you know your blood type and cannot donate now, let Andrea know your type so she can contact you if someone desperately needs your type.

If you are visiting Chiriquí, you too are eligible to donate to the local community.



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2 thoughts on “BLOOD

  1. Good blog about ideas for blood donation.
    What a happy ending for David and you and all of us that know him.
    You both are making up for lost time during your fun filled retirement!

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