Scorpion? We Got This

Not surprising, at 5 AM this morning Henry, the cat, and Alexander, the adorable cat, began meowing for food and for the screen door to be open.  They do this every morning and every morning they know to go to David’s side of the bed because I will ignore them.  But David spoils the cats.  For those who know him, you are not surprised.  So at 5 AM, he got out of bed to make his way to the kitchen to warm their homemade cat food.  Have I mentioned that our cats are spoiled?

This morning, though, he saw something in the entry to our bedroom and kicked it out of the way.  Ouch!!!!!  He just kicked a very large scorpion and the scorpion showed his unhappiness by stinging him.  But the scorpion was just in another location and still very much alive.  Fortunately, we have a larger brain and opposable thumbs which makes us smarter than a lowly bug.  With one whack of a flip-flop, dead scorpion.

scorpionThis is my first up-front-and-center meeting with a scorpion so I am not familiar with size but this one seemed gigantic.  Considering he’s headless and stinger-less, he’s still about 4 inches long.

By now my mother is gasping for air that we live in such a dangerous place.  Trust me, everything is fine and David’s foot doesn’t even hurt anymore.


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2 thoughts on “Scorpion? We Got This

  1. I have heard that size doesn’t matter……seriously …I have heard the babies sting can be as bad as a big scorpion.
    I have been stung by small scorpions and to me, it feels like a wasp sting.
    Some people really swell up , others…no big deal.
    It’s just that LOOK so terrifying…. but then again, they look a little like baby lobsters! So your Mother should be fine now. Haha

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