Retirement @ One Year

I can’t believe that it’s already been one year since I retired.  I retired from a job that I really loved – although I began to hate the turn in education that teacher’s still have to endure.  For 33 years I taught, beginning in Grade 2 (not my thing), then Grade 6, then Grade 8, then Grade 10/12, and finally found my niche in Grade 11.  I was also lucky to end my final year with such a great group of kids.  They graduated this year, most at the top of a very large class.  It was nice to see them so excited about graduating and going to college.  I was lucky to make a trip through S. Florida and saw many of them just a few weeks ago.  Again, I was very lucky to end my career with such wonderful classes.

retirement 3Now it’s been one year after leaving my chosen profession and I am still shocked how little I think about teaching.  I don’t miss it at all.  I miss being around teenagers – am I mildly insane?  I know some people that teach until they die, some that teach long after they should have left and some that teach 40+ years because they are excellent and love it.  Some have no hobbies or friends outside of school, so they stay year after year.  I thought I would stay a few more years and I really thought I would miss it.  Wrong on both counts.

I thought about volunteering at a school but that would mean a regular schedule.  There is an orphanage nearby that I may investigate.  But for now, I stick with adult groups.  Within a few months of moving here, I joined a bunch of groups (against the advice of the long-timers) anbut I’m pulling out of manyretirement 2 of those too.

After one year of retirement I can honestly say, it’s the BEST! And  I know  I am very fortunate to have been able to retire earlier than expected.

Question:  Why do they always make retired people look like they’re 100 years old on posters??????






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