The Poor in Chiriqui

This morning I went to the Volcancito Mission with my friend and head knitter in Boquete.  She was delivering over 100 knitted articles, from blankets to booties.  She organized a group to do this, which originally was made up of expats.   Now it  includes Panamanian and indigenous women – learning a skill and building their self-esteem.

This group does not get a lot of attention in the community.  Their fundraising has been limited.  But the ‘jefa’ of the group, Brandy, is about to change that. Arecela 3 I went to the mission with her today to take pictures of the children who get the caps, sweaters and blankets her group knits.  The children (or their moms) were waiting to be seen by a doctor.  The kids were absolutely adorable.  When a sweater was brought to them to try on, their eyes just lit up.

Samuel and momTheir culture is much different than ours.  They rarely smile, even when they are happy.  Unfortunately, many of them, and almost all of their moms, looked broken.

These families have nothing.  Some bring their babies home from the hospital wrapped in newspapers because they have no clothes or blankets.  The fathers are suppose to be the providers but many have several families – and provide for none.  The mothers are very young.Jeannie

Most of the children were shy but loved their new clothing.  It gets quite cold at the top of the mountains where they live to pick coffee beans during the season.   Not a single child took off their sweaters once they were on.  AxelThey loved seeing themselves on my camera.  I am going to print some of the pictures I took so the moms can have them.

I am now on a mission to publicize the Boquete Knitters.  On Facebook, you can find this organization at Boquete Knitters & Quilters.

We are organizing a fundraising Soup Kitchen next month and hope to raise $1000.  Donations are always welcome – either in money or yard/fabric.  Soon I will have information to donate through PayPal. And for those who know Brandy, you can always donate to her cause when you see her at the Tuesday Morning Market.

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  1. Reblogged this on Let The Adventure Begin! and commented:
    I’m reblogging a post written by my friend Cindy, who also lives here in Boquete. If any of my readers are interested in donating anything to this little organization please contact me personally and I will give you an address to send things to. I just love those sweet little faces and would like to help as well. Thanks…Holly

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