Home Buying Process in Panama Pt. 2

Wait.  That’s all we can do now.  Wait.  We have a list of people that we need to involve in our move, but until we get a closing date, everything is on hold.

PatioWe signed our Letter of Intent weeks ago.  In the US, I would be writing this from our new patio.  But this is Panama, so we wait.

Our attorney has established our corporation for the property.  Everything on our end is as done as we can be at this point.  The problem seems to be that the seller has a mortgage at a credit union and, even though it is a small amount of money, banks don’t like to get their loans paid off early.

We still have not written the contract and have not had the inspection.  No, we just wait.  Tranquilo.

I asked the realtor if there was a projected closing date.  He hemmed and hawed for a few seconds.  So I asked him for a projected closing month.  He “hopes” August.  However, since we are leaving the country at the end of August, the projected month may be September.  Tranquilo.

And we wait.


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