Home Buying Process in Panama, Part 4

Today we signed the contract!!!!  Yeaaa.  And we gave our attorney a bunch of money.  We should be only about 6 weeks from closing – or, according to the contract, up to 90 days away from closing.

In Panama, there are a few ways to purchase property.  We decided to go the corporation route.  This way, if something happens to either or both of us, our property does not go into a complicated legal system.  David and I each own 50% of the shares for the property.  If we both kick the bucket, my daughter gets to deal with property she doesn’t want.  Happy Birthday, Kelly!!  You are the Secretary of Casa Colibri!

hummingbirdWe named the corporation and our house, Casa Colibri, which means Hummingbird House.  It won’t take much to attract hummingbirds since they are everywhere.  Put out some nectar and plant a few flowering bushes and they are there, by the hundreds.  We have had them fly in our house.  They scream by our heads if we are on the porch.  Hummingbirds are everywhere.

We had hoped to return to Florida next month to make arrangements for our container.  Now it looks like we will be returning in September.  It takes about 3 weeks to get our stuff from Florida to Boquete.  That means moving in about October 1.  This process began May 31.  A process that we thought would be completed by the first part of August.



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