OK, I Miss Something Else

In a few weeks, we are going to Seattle to see our first granddaughter for the first time. berkeley She will be almost 9 months old.  As first time abuelos (grandparents), we anticipated coming with arms full of gifts.  Off to the kiddie departments we went.

Kid’s toys departments are different here.   We didn’t see any distinction between boys and girl’s areas.  I thought that was pretty cool.    I had hoped for toys different from typical US toys.  That was not to be.  The stores were packed with Fisher-Price, Barbie, Disney and the rest.  What we did not see were guns.  We had been told that kids do not play cowboys, cops  soldiers or other shooting games.  From what we’ve seen, that must be true.  At least in Chiriquí. There was nothing cute, novel or fun in those same boring toys.

What I would really like to have now is a Barnes & Nobles.  Some good, educational books.  A good fairy tale book.  Some colorful picture books.  Books that pop up and make noises.  Books that kids love.  There’s nothing like that in Chiriquí.

barnes_and_noble_450That brings me to the second thing I have found that I miss.   I miss  Barnes and Noble.  We have many coffee shops to get good coffee and meet friends.  But Barnes & Noble is different.  There are books and magazines.  It’s so big, you never know who you will meet there.  It’s a wonderful place to get gifts.  I loved looking at travel guides while drinking a cappuccino.  Our former Barnes and & Noble was located in The Walk that is filled with little restaurants and shops.

After shopping in David and Boquete, little Berkeley is going to meet her abuelos ‘sin regalos’ (without gifts).  But we are babysitting for an entire week so I am certain she will be showered with cool stuff to remember us after we have returned home.  I already know that there’s a Barnes and Nobel only 5 miles from Berkeley’s house.  You know where David, Berkeley and I will be at least one day while mom and dad are at work.

la spadaSo, what’s the first thing I realized I missed?  Subs!  La Spada’s is the best but Publix is also good.  We do not get subs in Panama and I realized on my last visit to Florida that I miss them. Made with Boar’s Head turkey and packed with pickles, olives, and all the good veggie stuff.  We picked some up for our return plane ride home and they were delicious.

We will be in the States for about 3 weeks so I will have plenty of time to get my B&N and sub fixes to last until December.


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