Shipping a Container to Panama

We are getting closer to moving into our new home and can finally bring the storage locker of our stuff here.  We began packing our stuff in boxes to sell our house.  More than one and a half years ago our very personal items were packed up.  The first 15 boxes are Christmas trees and decorations.  To sell our home, we had to ‘declutter’ all the rooms.  We also had to make our rooms more ‘sellable’.  Our house soon looked like an impersonal model home – and it sold in just 5 hours!  Then we packed everything else.



Now we are in the process of finding a shipper that can efficiently bring our goods safely to Boquete.  It can make a sane person go bonkers.  One shipper asked me (after speaking with him for about a week) if Boquete was near Colon.  Which means he didn’t even do 10 seconds of research where my container was going. Nope to Number 1. Then I contacted two Panamanian shippers since I like spending money with local people.  Unless they try to gouge you by charging double the other quotes.  Nope to Numbers 2 and 3.  Some could only bring our container to Colon.  Some wanted our customs inspection in Colon, not David, which usually means more cost and more time.  Some got terrible recommendations from the expats who came before us.

We are getting close to making final arrangements.  We have our inventory list identifying our numbered boxes and their contents.  We currently have 113 boxes but plan on doing some major shopping before loading the container.

So far, we have gotten quotes of about $4800 to just under $10,000.  That’s only from the Port of Miami or Port Everglades.  Colon, Panama is a major port and all major shipping lines come here from Florida.  The biggest hassle seems to be getting from Colon to here.   It’s also more expensive but I have no idea why.Bed

Many people come with only suitcases and I am beginning to see the advantages of that.  I think I will be glad for my decision to bring my stuff once I open Box 53 that contains 3 antique Berber tent pegs, Boxes 20/21 that contain my snow globe collection and the spear from Kenya in Box 88.  Our Zanzibar bed is in crate Number 42.  I can’t wait to have our stuff again!


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5 thoughts on “Shipping a Container to Panama

  1. I know you will find a reputable and fair shipper to meet your needs. We are one of the ones who came with only 5 suitcases. Easy? Yes. But we let go of many treasures which I miss at times. Can’t wait to see your spear. Should I be worried?

  2. Good for you. You’ll be glad to have the many items that bring meaning and comfort to your life. And as thorough you were listing the contents of each box/crate, I’m guessing you knew which box you wanted to open first! You’ve made your home beautiful, I’d love to see it one day. Cheers, Mariah

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