Foster Puppy

At the spay and neuter clinic this past Sunday, we saw a couple pretty emaciated dogs.  One collector brought in  a mom and 3 puppies from Caldera.  They were all in very bad shape.  The vets had such problems with the mom and the first two pups, they refused to operate on the remaining female until she was in better shape.  We agreed to take in our first foster puppy for 2 weeks.  We knew she was blind in one eye, starving and covered with ick.

On Sunday evening, she had her first meal of runny chicken broth and rice.  She ate like she had never eaten.  The she ate again, then again, and again – about every 2 hours, like a newborn baby.  We thought  we had this fostering thing under control.

Then on Monday, she began to have seizures.  After the seizures, she howl/cries for about 30-40 minutes.  There’s medical terminology for this but, in layman’s terms, it looks like epilepsy and its aftermath.  We have tried a number of ‘tricks’ to control the seizures, but nothing has worked so far.  Today, she had two more seizures and two more episodes of howling after.

We’ve talked to the people in the know and apparently epilepsy is quite common here.  We are hoping for the best for this little puppy.  She’s been treated better than anything in her whole life for the last 3 days – food on demand, laying on David’s chest, taken outside for some sun and clean towels in her kennel…  We just hope she gets better.  Unfortunately, she just went into another seizure and this one is lasting a long time.

foster pup



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6 thoughts on “Foster Puppy

    • Apparently she had an electrolyte problem. We kept dosing her with pedialyte and sugar water. She’s doing very well. I’ll be interested in seeing how much she weighs at the next clinic. Now that parasites aren’t eating her food, she’s getting a little puppy belly

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