Freshman 15 in Panama

When kids go to college and parents aren’t around to watch what they eat, they eat a lot of junk/fast food.  Their lifestyle changes and so do their waistlines.  They gain about 15 lbs. in their freshman year.  We have been in Panama for over a year and I have done exactly the same thing.  My lifestyle change doesn’t involve fast food (I hate it) but it has involved lots of eating out and lots of party snacks.  Between that and some long term health issues, I got fat.

Most people would not point at me and think ‘fat’, but I need to lose about 25 pounds.  It’s not obese but it is fat. Matronly, not a good word.  I’ve become better at positioning myself for pictures to make my face and gut look thinner.  But those random, candid shots capture my unflattering fat much too often.   When I was young, I weighed about 115 lbs.  If I did that today, I’d look like a refugee from some camp in Nigeria.  I just need to get back in shape.

zumbaA few months ago I got new medication that allows me to run and jump again.  I began running down the main highway toward David and worked myself up to running a 5K with little difficulty – except my knees didn’t agree.  My knees are as old as I am and they were screaming.  To change it up, for the last month, I have been faithfully going to the gym 4-5 days a week.  I do Zumba 3-4 days and body toning on Friday.  I sweat like a beast and I keep up with the instructors.  The result – nada.  I don’t see any difference.

I’m not giving up because I really like the classes but I hope some of the fat chooses to leave eventually.

The age old question – Why can you gain 5 lbs. in a single weekend but it takes so long to work off?


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One thought on “Freshman 15 in Panama

  1. This is a life long battle for me too. I’m having the best luck eating produce and protein (including raw produce as much as possible), and lots of time on the bicycle (one of the few things that doesn’t bother my knees). I don’t understand either how you can undo a month’s work in a weekend. I guess we are too efficient and could survive a famine if need be!

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