Home Buying Process in Panama Pt. 5

How can buying a house take so long?  We are not getting a mortgage or buying a property tied up in some legal problem.  And we still have weeks and weeks to go.

The progress is slow but moving.  We finally were able to pay off the seller’s small mortgage.  It will take about 2 weeks for that bank to deliver the signed papers that allow the sale to continue.  We are looking at a mid/end of September closing.

Other progress though is in our hands so is going smoothly and as quickly as can get things done.  We paid for our container delivery.  It will be loaded in Florida on September 8 and be delivered at our new house in 2-3 weeks.  We only have a 20′ container but it will be pretty full.  amazon logoThanks to online shopping, I’ve been shopping, shopping, shopping.  Patio furniture, a bed, some tables, appliances and a few other smaller items.


Logo Lowes Company I will also shop when I get there.  A few friends have asked us to bring back some of their online purchases too.  We should have plenty of room.

This week we also met with a contractor to do some of the remodeling we want done.  Nothing major – replace a window with a door, put in a hot water system, expand some cabinets and closets – jobs that need professionals that a contractor would know, but we do not..

We confirmed with the woodworker that our bed will also be ready when we move in.  It should be beautiful.

conwaypricemartToday we got some things in David that we need/want.  Fans, a security system, surge protectors and other little things an empty home needs.

Our spare room looks like a storage locker.  My mom’s spare room, where are online stuff is being sent, looks like a storage locker.   It’s time for us to move already.


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