Homeowners at Last

This morning we signed the paper (singular) that makes us homeowners.  It took almost 4 months for this to happen.  We learned you must have a lot of patience to complete the process without losing your mind.  In fact, you must have a lot of patience for most things or you will go crazy here.  Someone told us long ago that the more you can do yourself, the easier your life will be.  Absolutely the truth.


Getting painted ASAP

I signed (since I am the president of the Casa Calibri corporation that owns the house) one piece of paper in front of a notary in David.  I told our attorney how buyers and sellers sign maybe fifty papers to complete the same process in the States.  I was just as shocked only having to sign just a single piece of paper.

We met our attorney (who is the BEST) at the notary office at 9 AM and were on our way out by 9:15 AM.  After waiting so long, it was very anticlimactic.  With our early start in David, we made our first stop – Sherwin Williams.  I wrote before that Panama is not big on paint chips and I am a huge fan of them.  While in the States a few weeks ago, I got a full collection of both Sherwin Williams and Behr’s paint chips.  We bought 5 gallons of wall paint and 1 gallon of waterproofing.

Houses in Panama, and most of Central America, are not built with a moisture barrier under the foundation.  Because of the amount of rain that we get, after a few years water seeps up into the cement block walls.  We will paint the bottom 12-15 inches with the water-block and then put the color over it.  Problem solved.

At the house, we met the electrician, Luis, and the guy who will weld our wrought iron bars, Carlos, and, Amilcar who will do some basic handiwork.  Tomorrow the gardener comes again and the pest control guy exterminates inside and out.  It took a long time to close but we are moving quickly to get things together.

I painted the foyer this afternoon.  Not a big room but one room closer to being done before our container arrives.  Tomorrow I will paint the hallway and then our bedroom.  Once the electrician tears up the living room wall and it gets repaired, it will get paint too.  Then the kitchen.  With 3 more bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, we will be painting for a while.  But I have a ton of paint chips to pick colors.

We also got news today that our container is in Panama City awaiting inspection.  Depending how long that takes, we could have our stuff as early as Saturday or as late as Wednesday.  I am hoping for Monday.  But as we have learned so many times in Panama, it will be when it will be.


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3 thoughts on “Homeowners at Last

  1. It’s not standard practice to paint the bottom 12-15 inches with the water-block? I enjoy learning all the TIP tips 😉

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