Man Plans, Panama Laughs

Adapting an old, historical quote but it sure seems true this week at Casa Colibri.  Our timing was perfect.  Close on the house on Wednesday, meet with skilled laborers on Thursday, paint the living areas of the house and then have our belongings delivered on the following Wednesday.  This is when Panama began laughing.

Our electrician was suppose to show up but did not.  When I called, he said he had “some problems” and would be there in two days.  Two days later, no Luis.  Another phone call and he says he has “some problems”.  He will be here tomorrow.  Bets anyone?  We tore down the patio ceiling so that he could get the minor project done.  But he has some problems.

Our gardener has decided that he can’t work if it’s raining.  This is rainy season!  It rains from noon until dark.  It’s raining now.  Gardeners don’t stop working, they wear a poncho.  We are going to have a “hombre a mujer’ talk tomorrow.  A replacement gardener is already in the wings and is doing some work for us on Sunday.

Then the container that was suppose to be here on Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday, will be here on Saturday morning.  Bets anyone?

But these delays have given us time to get the house ready and painted.  foyerThe patio may even get painted.  It’s much easier and faster with no furniture.  We have two lawn chairs in the living room and a dining room set.  Our bed is complete and we have an almost full kitchen.kitchen2   Most importantly, we have internet – 9 mgs for $49 a month – so we can watch TV on the computer.  It’s comfortable enough.

Because of all the delays, tomorrow will be a free day.  By free it means that I can go to the gym in the morning, then we will head to David for more paint.    And we can continue to unpack.  Since dumping a lot of stuff in the soon-to-be-den, it looks like a trash heap. dumping ground

The cats made an uneventful move.  Not difficult since the move was about 2 miles.  Alexander was happy that his food bowl was full on arrival and our bed was made for his afternoon nap.  henryHenry has barely left the closet.  He will come around though as he has before.  Sasha is a 4 month old puppy that hasn’t even realized she has moved as her world is just one big playground.


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