Servicio de Cliente?

frustration1Spanish for Customer Service.  The words translate, the idea – not so much.  Since our US sized living room furniture does not come close to fitting in our Panamanian sized living room, we went to Furniture City.  Yes, it is similar to the Furniture City in the US that carries Ashley and other brands.  Their Panamanian website isn’t very helpful so off we drove for our second trip to David today.  The salesman was very helpful and even had a tape measure in his pocket.

This has been a fairly stressful week – moving into a new house, getting our household goods, a new puppy, electricians carving up our wall, a roof leak, and our security bars order that is already a week behind schedule.  And we’ve only been here a week.  So we are not in the best mindset to deal with yet more problems.

As soon as I entered the store, I saw a cute loveseat in the front window.  We need two since that’s all that is going to fit in our little space.  The cushions weren’t sewn into the frame. Yea,  I hate that and don’t know why they started doing it.  It was a great color and a perfect size.  The pieces were individually priced so I immediately ordered two.  In the US, this would be the end of the story.  But This is Panama.

Very quickly, the idea of Customer Service devolved into frustration and me walking out of the store.  Although the prices for each piece were listed, they could only sell the couch and loveseat together.  And, although it was featured in their super corner that you can see when exiting El Reys, they only had one set in the entire country of Panama.  Really Panama?  Really Furniture City?  Can’t you see the craziness of this?  With only one sofa, you don’t highlight it – you put it in clearance.  You don’t put it in the front window where people can admire and want to buy it when you have no intention of ordering more of them.  More importantly, you don’t advertise a special when you only have one.

We ended up at Conway and got some furniture that will work.  They aren’t as cute or pretty but they are available and will delivered in a week or so.

Unfortunately, my comfy couch and big chair are for sale for anyone who may need something for their US standards built home.  Ironically, there’s only one set and they cannot be purchased separately.


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One thought on “Servicio de Cliente?

  1. In my experience (not in that store, but any others I visited) what you see is what you are actually buying. They don’t order one like it from a warehouse. They take that one on display and load it in the truck and send it to your house. We saw a chair and sofa we liked at Conway. When we went back they had sold the sofa. Nope, couldn’t get another. All they had was that chair.

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