“Find my IPhone”, an Honest Politician and the Tooth Fairy

During our break-in two weeks ago, the thieves stole and IPad and a Kindle.  Both of these devices had apps installed so they could be located if they were lost or stolen.  In theory, as soon as either devices was turned on, we could use a Google-type map and find our electronics.  We tested them and they worked – as long as they were turned on and in our house.The new Kindle has “Find My Kindle” and even a remote alarm feature.  We were sure we would at least be able to locate where our stuff had gone.

burglar2This would be the perfect paragraph to say, “We tracked our electronics and gave the information to the police.  They entered the thief’s home and arrested the culprits.  All of our stuff was recovered and the thieves will spend the next 20 years in jail.”

That was not to be.  According to our apps, neither of these items have been turned on.  That is total BS, because we know otherwise.  I turned on “Find my Kindle” within 2 hours of it being stolen.  On the second day, I got a big surprise.  While Amazon was supposedly “searching”, my Kindle, the thieves had deregistered from me from my device.   Even the icon disappeared from my Amazon account.  It had never been turned on but eliminated me as its owner.  Wow!  I called Amazon immediately and their only solution was to deactivate the tablet.  They had no answer as to how someone could electronically remove me from my property while their “Find My Kindle” app was suppose to be FINDING my Kindle.

David had even less luck.  He searched for days using “Find my IPhone” with no results.  His IPad was never turned on.  We know that’s crazy but that’s what the app reported.  Someone is happily using his IPad since it has been wiped clean.

We were some of the millions of people who thought these apps worked.  We know better now.  If technology can be hacked in the backwoods of Panama, we were delusional to think that these apps would work as advertised.

So like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, the Find My Electronics app is just another myth is busted.

Grade for Find My IPhone and Find My Kindle = f-


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4 thoughts on ““Find my IPhone”, an Honest Politician and the Tooth Fairy

  1. One thing I’ve recommended many times in many different venues is this: Make a list of your valued items, (computers, smart phones, cameras, etc.) and write down the serial numbers. Then, email that list to YOURSELF. That way, if stuff is stolen, you can go to any computer in the world, pull up your email and provide the police with a list to check against any recovered goods and there will be no dispute as to whether it’s yours or not.

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