Gringo Thanksgiving

Last year I decided that I was done with the typical American Thanksgiving meal and I would prepare something more ‘local’.  Chicken and rice was a possible option.  But since we moved and we have a great place to sit many people, we decided to go for the turkey again.

My Spanish teacher told me that Panamanians rarely eat turkey.  They don’t even have words for “stuffing” or “gravy”.  When my Habla Ya classmate and I described to her how we make gravy, you could see her stomach start to turn.  Turkey is quite expensive in Panama, certainly not the 79 cents a pound you find in the US grocery stores.  Here it’sabout $2 lb. and you get Butterball.

Some of you may recognize the woman in the middle from

Some of you may recognize the woman in the middle from

We got the turkey, made the stuffing and mashed the potatoes.  Others brought a feast of deliciousness.  J & J brought a huge ham.  We had spinach souffle, rice with spices and fruits, baked squash, roasted vegetables. lemongrass soup, pumpkin pies with real whipped cream and banana bread.

We ate and drank all afternoon and early evening.  It’s amazing how close you get to your expat family.  Of course, I did Skype my real family.  Technology makes it so much easier to be away from Florida during holidays.


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4 thoughts on “Gringo Thanksgiving

  1. A few year ago American School in David had English classes for adults (perhaps they still do) and I went several times with some other Gringos so the students could hear native speakers. (One of the hardest things to do in learning a new language is learning to “hear” what is being said. After one of the classes in November the students asked us to please come to their class two weeks hence, because they had something special planned. We had no idea what it was, but I, and two other Gringos showed up and we were treated to a Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Someone had even baked a Panamanian version of pumpkin pie. I was very touched, to say the least.

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