Drive-Through Shopping

Yesterday we were driving to PriceMart in David and there was a guy selling furniture on the other side of the road.  On the way back, I insisted that we stop and look.  In Florida, I would never stop.  Ever so often people sold things on the street but it was usually some tacky rugs or stuffed animals.  This guy had just driven his furniture from Guatemala and set up shop on the Pan American Highway.  Several cars were already lined up and packing things in their trunks.  There was even a cab driver with a truck waiting for a buyer who needed help getting their purchases home.

I’ve been looking for furniture in David but the pickings are slim.  Furniture City is a large store but there’s not much selection.  It changes frequently so if you have the stamina to check in at the store all the time, you may find something.  Besides, after my fiasco trying to buy two loves seats from them makes me not too eager to shop there.  There’s EP Furniture in town which carries Ashley Furniture.  Again, it’s hit and miss.  One time you walk in and love everything and the next time it looks like a rummage sale.  There are other places in David but they are smaller with even less stock.

I needed a few specific pieces.  We have a lot of internet and TV cables in the living room that just looks tacky.  I wanted a small cabinet to hide them in.  We needed a narrow table for the TV.  And I wanted something for a long wall in the bedroom.  These are the pieces I found on the Pan American Highway.

furniture1I love this kind of rustic furniture that’s made by hand and then stained a dark color.  I picked out three pieces and began haggling with the price.  When we began he wanted $380, which is a great price.  But I am cheap and love the back and forth for the best price.  We ended up getting all three for $300.

This is the little cabinet that hides our  cables.  It will be moved a little once the Christmas tree is down.

furniture2The TV table has the same carvings on the front and legs.  With our tiny living room, we need to save as much space as we can.  All the hardware and accessories can be stored under the front panel.

furniture3The chest below is the piece I really wanted.  I saw it as soon as I got out of the car.  Another man started looking at it and I let him know that it was going to be mine.  It’s the same theme as our bed.  The top lifts for storage and it’s just a fun little piece

It’s pretty odd shopping for furniture on the street but I got what I wanted and you can’t beat the price.

I need some additional pieces.  For that I am waiting for the Feria in David in March.  They also have carved wood furniture that artisans bring in from all over Central America.

Shopping in David and Boquete


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3 thoughts on “Drive-Through Shopping

  1. That is such beautiful furniture, I wonder how they get it through the borders? Did he happen to mention if he would be returning?

  2. I think he’s here for the weekend. Now that we’ve modified the pieces in the living room to hid all the boxes, cables and cords, I like it even more. I am really looking forward to the Feria in David to complete the house with local creations.

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