Happy New Year for Procrastinators

Feliz-Ano-Nuevo-2015-05OK, so it’s not New Year’s Day or even the day after, but at least it’s close.  Having just returned from Florida, we had a lot to do.  The animals required hours of attention and affection – which they got.   Then celebration parties of all types began the day after we returned.

All bloggers who use WordPress got a year end summary of all kinds of statistics.  The one that astonished me was not just the number of people who read my ramblings, but that they come from 87 different countries.   I first assumed that many are hoping to move to Panama one day.  Eighty-seven countries – Hello to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Jordan and other countries.  Most come from the US and Canada.  But when I look at the blogs I read, they are from pretty exotic places too.  I do not plan on moving to Asia or Africa but I love to live vicariously through the people who write about them.

Our New Year’s Eve was hardly exotic. Our flight from Miami was late – hardly surprising since American Airlines is always late (unsolicited tip here)  *If anyone is flying on Air Panama and has a lot of luggage, you will pay dearly to take it on the plane with you.  We use one of several courier services, Fletes Chevales, to bring our luggage to Boquete.  For this service they charge $5-6 per bag.  It is delivered within 2 days.  When we got to Fletes, they were closed for NYE.  (another unsolicited tip here) *Having a dependable driver in PC will save hours of headache and mucho dinero.  We use Luis.  Luis anticipated that Fletes may be closed so agreed to hold our 4 50lb. bags until Jan. 2, when he would drop them off for us.We’ve used Luis for our Jubilado and Ecedula pick-up, getting our driver’s licenses approved and handling our visas from India.  Luis is the best.  Our bags were delivered to Boquete Jan 3.

Why did we have 4 50 lb bags?  Each time we go to the States, we have a shopping list.  Since American Airlines allows each passenger to have 2 free checked bags up to 50 lbs each, we take advantage of it.  This trip I brought back 60 lbs of tile that I want in our guest shower, new sheets/towels, Amazon orders, new shoes and Fancy Feast cat food.  Certain things are just impossible to get here or they are astonishingly expensive.

We finally arrived home about 6 PM because of horrible traffic in David, our closest airport.  After getting a debriefing by our housesitters, we ate.  Airlines do not feed you and all restaurants were closed for the holiday so we had coffee and nutrition bars all day.

We thought we may visit friends to celebrate NYE but at about 8 PM all the power in Boquete went out.  We considered that a sign and stayed home.  But we didn’t miss the fireworks.  Professional grade fireworks are sold to anyone and Panamanians love their fireworks.  And a  lot of gringos like their fireworks too.  The sky lit up at midnight and kept going for hours.  And again on Jan 1 and 2.  Panamanians love their fireworks.

As usual, it’s always great to be home.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year for Procrastinators

  1. Thanks for the info on Fletes Chevales. Of course people love your blog, your writing is is candid and from the heart. Nice work.

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