Snakes, Why Did it Have to be Snakes?

Another week and another snake.  This time I was just walking in the side yard and about a 15 inch red-black-yellow snake slithered away.  Now I’m trying to remember the “black touches yellow” is a friendly fellow or is it “”yellow touches red and you are dead”.  This isn’t the time to be a bad poet.

I am not afraid of snakes.  Because of that lack of fear, I would have been very careless with last week’s discovery of a pit viper on the other side of the lawn.  Luckily, Carlos the gardener took care of that problem.  This time it was just David and I.  David hates snakes.  He even hates little grass snakes.  So his best guess was that this snake was a Coral Snake and he severed its head.  After our scary incident last week, we weren’t taking any chances.  This wasn’t because of us since coral snake attacks are really rare.  But we have pets that would think this thing was their latest toy.

If this wasn’t a Coral Snake, I wanted to make sure we never killed another one in haste so the research began.

They sure are similar.  So this is the one we executed this morning.  What do you think?

snakeLooking at our dead snake and the two pictures above, I think David made the right call.  It may be time for snake repellent.



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