Mooch and the Vets

A few weeks ago a tiny kitten showed up in our carport looking for food.  Because cats can get through our bars and we leave the doors open, she made herself at home eating our cats’ food.  Then she got more demanding about what kind of food she wanted.  Fancy Feast please, meow meow.
mooch1She’s a calico and probably about 3 months old.  We took her to the Animales Spay and Neuter Clinic at the end of the month and got her spayed.  I told the Vet #1 that she would be outside and to give her a few extra stitches.  Then I told the post op crew to please give her a little extra super glue.  Yes, we use Super Glue to hold the skin together.  We kept her in a back bedroom to keep her quiet and inactive.

About 5 days later I noticed a large bulge under her superglued belly. Her internal organs were about to pop out.   Unfortunately, we’ve been through this before, so she went right to the Vet #2 in David. Only the Super Glue was holding in her internal organs.  Dr. Sam, from Happy Vet, put her back together and gave us antibiotics.  Giving pills to cats is like catching jello.  Some went in but I am certain that most were deposited elsewhere.

Anyway, a few days later she had an infection.  This time we went to Vet #3, Dr. Gonzalez, in Boquete.  He gave her an antibiotic and she felt better within a few hours.  This doctor gave us a choice if we wanted more pills or if we could inject her for the next five days.  I’ve given some shots at the clinic so I knew I could do it and we would know for sure that she was getting the medication she needs.

A quick trip to the tienda de mascota (pet shop) and less than $5 later, we had medicine and syringes.  She got her first shot from me today and all is well – at least all is well with us as it was a simple process, however, she was more than a little pissed.  The swelling is already down, she’s eating like her moochy self and is doing well.

We do not have veterinary care for pets like in the US.  Far from it.  Care is basic.  We had a cat several years ago in Florida that was getting old.  Our vet recommended that we take him to an animal psychiatrist.  That’s was just bizarre.  Here, they get shots, bones set, simple surgeries and that’s pretty much it.  There’s very little specialty food for kidney problems or whatever.  You get about 5 choices of pet food and none are natural.  We make our own dog food to supplement their Kirkland dry food.  Cat food is too difficult to make so they get Kirkland dry and (now) Friskies.  My importing Fancy Feast days are over and they like Friskies.  But with all of this, I find the care to be good.  We haven’t had a major problem.

However, veterinary care is a lot cheaper in Chiriqui.  Our visit to the vet yesterday, exam, antibiotic shot and prescription was $15.  The antibiotic for us to use was just over $4. Syringes are 20 cents.  Dr. Sam put Mooch back together, kept her overnight, gave us the pills and gave her all of her kitty shots for $103.  This would have easily been in the $500-600 range in South Florida.

Mooch gets along well with the other cats and dogs.  In fact, last night she laid down next to Rosa, the dog, and she began licking her like a mom.




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