You’re Moving Where – Again?

Between vacation visits, long stays and moving, we have been in Boquete about 7 years.  It may be time to check out some other places.  We went to the typical expat haunts – Cuenca-hated it, Lima-too far, and Costa Rica-too much crime.  Our next stop is Medellin, Colombia.

We visited there last year and it was beautiful.  A variety of everything – restaurants, museums, theater, festivals, malls, everything a city of 3.5 million people would want.  Also, (like him or not) Pablo Escobar made his hometown the jewel of South America.

Several months ago we bought airline tickets and planned for a 9 week visit.  During that time we decided that there’s nothing hold us here, except 3 big dogs, 3 cats and a house.  The 9 week vacation has evolved into an apartment hunting, visa getting adventure.

Three years ago today our container arrived at our house.   Now we are packing very much the same way.

Pile 1. What we are taking in October for 9 weeks   For who will only take a carry-on regardless of vacation length, this is hard.  We have 2 carry-ons and 3 checked bags.  Mainly because I must bring almost all of my gym clothes and sneakers.

Pile 2. What we are taking in February for at least a year.  We plan to live in 2 places.  The first will be a furnished AirBnB but they are pricey.  Then we will find a good unfurnished place and begin buying things to fill it.

Pile 3.  What is staying for the tenants, and

Pile 4. What we are taking in shipping container in a year or so. Furniture, lamps, beds etc.  We will fill a 20 foot container.  Not real big, just enough to keep things that have meaning to us.  Good thing we have a separate-entry for a bedroom and bath which is now a very packed storage facility.

We have a tenant already for our house in Boquete so we are packing or getting rid of personal items.  The stuff you accumulate in a short amount of time is astonishing.  Boxes are getting numbered with a list of their contents.  Deja vu all over again.

As with our last international move, the pets  are a somewhat difficult and time-consuming task.   The dogs are 100% Panamanian Street Dog.  Molly, who weighed about 50 lbs when we got her, now weighs in at 74.2 lbs.  Sasha is about 50 lbs and Rosa is about 40 lbs.  That’s a lot of dog to move!  We drove to the David Airport got specifics from Copa.  The cats are easy and we have experience and flight bags for them.  Every coach cat needs a human escort so our good friend B has volunteered to help us out.  We get our 3rd cat to Colombia and she gets a few days to see Medellin.

So Hasta Luego Panama, Buenas Dia Medellin!  Our viaje comienca manana en la manana

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