One of the best things about retirement is that you don’t have any place to go, no time to be somewhere and virtually no commitments. So far that’s been true but we have been very, very busy.
One thing about living in Boquete is that you can be as lazy or as busy as you want – often in the same day. While we haven’t dived in with all the activities Boquete has to offer, we are still jumping around from one thing to the next.
In Boquete you will have more opportunities to socialize than you would ever think possible. Maybe this is common in a small town since you know so many people. I am from the Fort Lauderdale area. It has over a million people and numerous suburban towns. Mine hometown, Coral Springs, had about 100,000 people. So it was common to go out and never see anyone you knew. That doesn’t happen in Boquete. A quick trip to the hardware store means you will meet someone you know or meet someone new. Picking up a loaf of bread at Sugar and Spice always means talking to people. Tonight as we were leaving Amigos, we met a couple who just moved here last week from Florida so we stayed another 30 minutes talking. Parties are common either at homes or at the many bars and restaurants Boquete has to offer.
We go to trivia on Tuesday nights. On alternating Tuesday nights, we either go to Los Molinos or to Amigos. Good fun and good competition. P1010595 There is also line dancing on Wednesday nights, Happy Hour on Friday nights, art classes, cooking classes, Spanish classes, gardening, programs to help animals, children, the library, the handicapped, recycling, and the BCP. Because Boquete is in the mountains, you can also walk, hike, climb rocks, white water rafting, rent an ATV and enjoy all of them in almost a perfect climate.
So what do you choose?

living in Panama


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